Eriberto’s Burritos & Hangovers

Memory #4857

Setting – Oceanside, California in 2010

I was a pregnant 18 year old and my cravings consisted of frozen foods and greasy bean/cheese burritos with mounds of sour cream. Across the street from our condo was a magical place called Eriberto’s that was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I swear I could smell the food a mile away (pregnancy spidey senses).

The culinary geniuses at this burrito heaven on Earth eventually got to know us very well and allowed us to walk through their drive through at midnight in exchange for Coronas and witty banter; I will forever be thankful for them for appeasing my yearning for burritos. Angel was especially thankful for my cravings on early Saturday mornings when I would venture to Eriberto’s for my morning burrito and/or rolled tacos and bring back the scientifically proven hang over cure – the California Burrito.

Pro Tip – the best hangover cure is a California Burrito and a couple of bottles of Pedialite. You’ll feel like you just jumped out of your cocoon and turned into a beautiful butterfly. 

To the chefs of Eriberto’s on North River Road and Vandegrift Blvd in Oceanside, California .. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your services and delicious food.


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