Kitchen & Living Room Update ( extra super belated update x 100000 ) – Walls are painted, backsplash and floors are in!

Step by step our little home is coming together! The big projects are finally done so now we are finding time in between daily life to finish the small ones. We finally added backsplash to the kitchen and had stained concrete floors put in.. about a year ago now.

I’m super terrible at updates but here it is anyway!

We ripped out the tan tile that came with the house ( see ugly tan tile before photosΒ hereΒ ) and decided to keep the concrete floors. We had someone come in and add white/light gray stain, as well as a matte top coat. These are the before photos of the kitchen, living room, and dining area.


If I’m being honest, I really wish I had researched and used more common sense because I didn’t pack everything like I should have, which resulted in weeks of cleaning dust off of everything. We aired out the house and vacuumed, dusted, vacuumed again, dusted a few more times, and were pretty close to just burning the place down and moving far far away forever.

Lola was okay with it though because she got an excessive amount of baths.



By the way, drawing shark teeth on your construction mask is an integral part of any DIY home project. #sharkteethforlife #sharkbaitwoohaha



The aftermath was worth it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I freakin’ love the look of concrete in my home! I’ll have to take some more updated photos because these are from a year ago and we’ve added more cute, unnecessary decor items to share.

Here are the beau-ti-fulllllll after photos!




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