Elote Night

Close your eyes and imagine hot corn lathered in mayo, then doused with lemon juice and chili powder, rolled in Parmesan cheese, and splashed with Tapatio…

Now open your eyes, there it is, the magnificent creation itself – Elote Preparado.

PS – Elote means corn in Spanish. Elote preparado means “prepared corn” aka fancy delicious corn covered in delicious condiments.

This is a fan favorite inΒ  our house and the kid’s plates are never cleared faster. We needed an easy dinner last night, so I prepared elote and Angel picked up some vegan chicken taquitos from Sprouts. We like the Starlite Cuisine Vegan Chicken or Beef taquitos from the freezer section; they’re quick to cook in the oven and taste well with some salsa and sour cream.

Elote preparado is super easy to make vegan friendly. We flavor the corn with chili powder, Follow Your Heart grated Parmesan, Tapatio, Follow Your Heart Veganaise, and lemon juice. I also like to add garlic salt if I’m feeling extra sassy that day.

I’m not much of a recipe writer however I have created a quick outline below on how to prepare elote so that your taste buds can have a tiny party in your mouth.

  1. Remove husks then boil the elote (corn cobs) until they are tender.
  2. After the elote has boiled, place them in a strainer to allow excess water to drip off.
  3. Pierce each end of the elote with a corn cob skewer. These little angels make it so much easier to dress the corn!
  4. Lather the elote with mayo evenly. This will be the base that the other ingredients stick to.
  5. On a flat plate, spread out a thin layer of Parmesan cheese then roll the elote across the cheese, covering the corn completely.
  6. Over another plate, sprinkle the elote with chili powder, lemon juice, and tapatio.
  7. Enjoy!

Please let me know if you try elote preparado and how much you love it!

❀ La Lady Valdez




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