Spaghetti for Breakfast

I’m having left over spaghetti for breakfast.

It’s Wednesday and I’ve been sick since Sunday… so we are spending our fall break laying on the couch, watching all the Rocky movies, playing with legos, and taking naps. I gave the girls a hug this morning and apologized for the lazy fall break and having to change our plans. They hugged me back and Viv said, “It’s okay mom, we like having a lazy fall break.” Izzy chimed in with “You need to rest mom.” Then they ran away to argue about who was going to be Rocky and who would be the Russian in their imaginary Lego saga.

Sometimes I don’t know what I did in life to deserve such great kids. I mean, I know we’ve worked hard to raise them not to be assholes and to make sure they were respectable human beings, but still. The universe did us a solid with these two.

If you have small humans, have you ever just looked at them in amazement at how they go from this blob of cells and slowly turn into these talking, running, learning beings? Some days I just watch them color, read, or play, and I’m in awe. They’re so smart and creative, I can see their minds working and growing as they play.  It really is amazing.

At this moment, the girls are building space ships equipped with workout rooms, slides that get you from the bedroom to the bathroom, a long arm that can rescue people that are lost in space, windows so you can see the stars, and giant beds so the space dogs can sleep comfortably. This is just a glimpse into their imaginations. I wish more people could hang on to that as they grow older. I wish I could bottle up just a little of that imagination to keep for the girls, just in case they lose some of that spark one day.

So for now, we’re going to have spaghetti for breakfast and play with Legos in our jammies, because that’s what is fueling our imaginations today.

❤ La Lady Valdez


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