Dia de los Muertos – Valdez Family Altar

Over the past few years, our family has created an altar for Dia de los Muertos to remember and celebrate our loved ones who have passed.

We print photos, light candles, and burn sage. The girls set out oranges, apples, candies, a glass of water, and tequila as offerings. We adorn the altar with a colored blanket, calaveras, garlands, and flowers.

Through out the month of October, I catch myself taking the long way to the kitchen or the living room so I can walk past the ofrenda, running my fingers over the faces in the photos. Some of them are my family members, some of them belong to my husband’s loved ones, and some of them are our friends. Tears tend to pool as I look at the photos, thinking of the lives that each of these people lived and the memories that each set of eyes hold. I think of the lives well lived and the ones that were cut short. I wish that my young daughters, who will most likely not remember these people, had more time with them.

It’s important to me that we continue this tradition as our girls grow. I catch them standing at the altar looking at the faces. I wonder what they’re thinking. I’m glad they stop for a moment in their day to stand ย with these memories. I want them to remember those that have left us, those that loved them. I want them to know and participate in their culture, to cherish this tradition that has been passed down for generations.


โค La Lady Valdez



One thought on “Dia de los Muertos – Valdez Family Altar

  1. Every year I look forward to this beautifully done display in your home. It is something that makes me so proud of how lucky I am to know such a kind, loving soul. You truly love the people you surround yourself and those beautiful girls with.

    ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿป Much love

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