Vegan Food Adventures – Mi Vegana Madre

On today’s episode of Vegan Food Adventures… How does that sound? Fun? Corny? It’s a work in progress.

After Christmas tree shopping with the fam bam today, we drove to Glendale to visit “Mi Vegana Madre”, a vegan take on some favorite Mexican dishes. The owners used to serve their fare out of a food truck but due to the hot Arizona summers and a lack of air conditioning, they chose to open a store front instead. I had tried one of their burritos at a pop up event a couple of years ago, fell in love, and then I was never able to find them again. Heart break like you couldn’t believe. I don’t even know if you can imagine our excitement when I rediscovered that they were up and running again.

We decided to try a variety of items to really get a grasp on the deliciousness of their menu.

  • Empanadas de manzana, chocolate cookie, and a chocolate cupcake – Husband’s review of the cookie and cupcake was simply “It was AWESOME.”; the empanadas were pretty good, I recommend warming them up before eating them.
  • Al Pastor Torta – The al pastor was juicy and flavorful, the veggies fresh, and the bread was fluffy while slightly crispy on the outside… delicioso!
  • Asada Tacos – There was a lot of meat in the tacos and it was yummy. It had the taste of carne asada, but just a bit tougher in texture. We used most of the meat to top the NUT-chos!
  • Nut-chos – The kids loved these. Who am I kidding, we all loved them. This was the best vegan cheeze sauce I have ever had and I’m probably going to spend many hours in the kitchen trying to recreate it. They come with jalapenos and an extra cup of cheeze.

*** Not pictured – the soyrizo burrito (soyrizo, beans, and red rice), the coconut milk horchata, and the asada breakfast burrito (asada and tofu scramble). Their burritos are huge and packed with ingredients. We each have half a burrito leftover because they were so big.











We arrived when they opened so we had some time to chat with the owners, who are super nice and I feel bad because I can’t remember their names. If you’re reading this – I’m sorry, we love your food, and we enjoyed our conversation with you today!

They even let the girls help decorate their Christmas tree! How great is that customer service?!

Needless to say, we will be back to Mi Vegana Madre for more vegan delights. You can check out their menu on their website

Happy eating!

❀ La Lady Valdez

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