#adventuregang – Solvang, California

June 2019 – The #adventuregang visits Solvang, California


Give me all of the plants, pottery, and tiles! I have an obsession with the greenery and textiles of the places that we visit. Solvang had lots of juicy succulents to obsess over in unique locations, like this three tiered water fountain. I also couldn’t resist the pink walls and pretty green leaves hiding in the corner of an antique shop’s porch. Is there such a job that only requires you to travel and take photos of pretty plants? If so, I need that job, asap.



I wish I had taken more photos of the little book store that we found. It had shelves and shelves absolutely packed with books about everything imaginable. My most favorite thing about this gem was the numerous reading nooks it had to offer! If we had more time to spare, I could have spent hours here. I would go back to Solvang just to visit this sweet place.

Signs, plaques, art work… oh my!





Being the huge book nerd that I am, I was elated when we walked up a flight of stairs at the book store expecting to find more books, only to be met with an adorable little museum all about Hans Christian Andersen! This miniature museum held so many treasures – books, memorabilia, art work, and even a model of Andersen’s childhood home. We spent about 30 minutes perusing the museum and talking to the host. This little nugget is definitely a must see when in Solvang!













Solvang was a delightful day trip destination with plenty of antique shops to stroll through, delicious coffee, the yummiest sour dough bread you’ll ever taste, and beautiful scenery all around. I’d love to visit again for a weekend to really take my time walking through it’s streets and trying out all of the cozy reading nooks!

#adventuregang recommends Solvang!


❤ La Lady Valdez

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