#adventuregang – Venice Beach, California

June 2019 – The #adventuregang visits Venice Beach, California

This was our first trip with the kids to Venice Beach and it was short but sweet! We were so busy walking around and navigating our way between all the people that I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked. Here are some snapshots of the few of hours we spent there last June.

Venice Beach always has so much to offer, from food to entertainment to shopping, and of course the beach. We drove around for a while to find a good parking spot and settled on a pay to park lot, not too far from the beach. Across from the parking lot was the Venice Canals, a little community built around canals of water – California’s own little slice of Venice, Italy.  While walking along the canals, we stopped to tour a few open houses along the way and oh my were these homes beautiful! We deliberated with our traveling companions and figured that if we sold all of our belongings and our homes.. we still wouldn’t be rich enough to buy one *insert shoulder shrug here*. One of my favorite things about going to an open house is finding the cozy spots and reading nooks, and trying them out if I’m allowed. Who am I kidding, I still try them out anyways!

I always have a camera where ever we go, whether it be my phone, digital camera, or Polaroid (or all three). The art across all the surfaces of Venice is just waiting to be studied and then captured on film. There were so many large and small pieces on walls, sidewalks, poles, etc. I love to capture the smaller pieces, the pieces that you may just walk by without taking a second look. And of course I always have to take photos of the greenery!

At the end of our mini tour of Venice, we were thirsty and ready for a snack. My sister in law had recommended we visit Casablanca to try the best margaritas in town, so off we went to Bogart Avenue for Tequila Time! It was cute little restaurant themed after the movie “Casablanca” and the margaritas were delicious. The decor is reason enough to visit and take your time with your lunch; it was extensive and interesting to say the least!


We hung around long enough to play in the sand with the kids and watch the sunset. I swear, there is nothing like a California sunset on the beach… it’s just magical.


❤ La Lady Valdez


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