#adventuregang – The Paradise Road Show in Palm Springs, California

January 2020 – The #adventuregang visits The Paradise Road Show in Palm Springs, California

I am still reeling from the awesome weekend we had in Palm Springs. I’m trying to write this post before I begin the work week so I can squeeze out every last detail before I forget anything.

Angel was invited to attend the Paradise Road Show by Shiner Gold Pomade to cut hair in the “Shine Box”. We hung out in the booth with Jimmy from Shiner and Ian from The Barber Shop PD (plus their lovely wives – Kelly and Astrid!), shopped beautiful vintage clothes, swooned over motorcycles, drank mai tais in tiki bars, made new friends, and relaxed in the Saguaro Hotel’s colorful rooms.

Keep scrolling to see a break down of the badassery that occurred!

The show was hosted at the ever so colorful Saguaro Hotel, which is basically a bowl of fruit loops that a genie turned into a cool and modern hotel. Each room has a different color theme, a patio or balcony so you can relax and enjoy all the views, cozy bath robes, a view finder filled with pretty photos of the desert (yes, the little clicky picture thingys), delicious Mexican food at El Jefe, and so much more that I don’t want to ruin for you so you better get over there for a weekend to explore for yourself. Okay, wait, one more thing because this is one of the most important things to me when I stay at a hotel – yes, the beds are comfortable and the pillows are like little clouds to lay your precious head on.

PS – they will literally deliver fruit loops to your room for breakfast.

ย  ย 

While at the hotel, we ate at El Jefe, a little restaurant and bar located right off of the lobby. And guess what, they had vegan options! Yay! I had the vegan potato flautas and black beans, with chips and salsa. The flautas were filled with a spicy potato mash and topped with a creamy vegan cheeze sauce and shredded veggies. I am now on a mission to recreate these at home because they were just so delicious. Angel tried the fish tacos and said that they were the best fish tacos he had ever had in his life. He is not an exaggerator and this is a big thing for him to say, so if you’re in the mood for fish tacos, give them a try. They had a strawberry jalapeno margarita that a few of our companions tried and gave a two thumbs up. And yes, drink all the tequila, it was bomb (but not really, you will die).

This was our first time ever at the Paradise Road Show and it was really a blast. There were a mix of classic cars and badass motorcycles, barbers, tattoo artists, vendors toting vintage clothing, accessories, car/bike parts, and records, a tintype photographer, and a cool little show put on by The Cramps and Motorhead cover bands. The vibe was a mix of 1970s fashion and rockabilly pin up, with plenty of puppies to pet and good times to be had. Everyone was there to relax and chill out, and we met so many cool people, making lots of new friends who we hope to see again next year.

ย ย 

I have fallen in love with Tiki Bars. We visited the Tonga Hut and the moody tiki ambiance won my heart over times a million. Or maybe it was the strong mai tai, either way, I love the Tonga Hut. The lovely humans working there were super friendly and helpful, the drinks came fast, and the bartender was fun to watch as the bottles were flung and the drinks were mixed faster than a road runner on speed. They also have a cute balcony with so many fun chairs to sit in, including a wicker peacock chair that makes you feel like a tiki queen. If you ever visit, make sure you hunt for the secret phone booth… there is a surprise awaiting you if you do!

Thank you so much to the Paradise Road Show for a fantastic event, to The Saguaro Hotel for the venue, and to Shiner Gold Pomade for hosting us at your booth. We had so much fun this weekend that we are already planning on coming back next year.

โค La Lady Valdez

Make sure to check out…

The Paradise Road Show – http://www.paradiseroadshow.com/

Shiner Gold Pomade – https://shinergold.com/

The Saguaro Hotel and Pool – https://thesaguaro.com/palm-springs/

El Jefe (At the Saguaro Hotel) – https://s3.amazonaws.com/saguaro/content/uploads/sites/3/2019/10/03180646/SG_Saguaro_PS_ElJefe_AllDay_Menu_OCT2019.pdf

The Tonga Hut – http://newsite.tongahut.com/tonga-hut-palm-springs/

Greasydeezy (Angel Valdez, barber) – https://www.instagram.com/greasydeezy/?hl=en

The Barber Shop PD – https://www.instagram.com/the_barber_shop_pd/?hl=en

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