Jiu Jitsu Journal – February 10th 2020

February 10th 2020, 6:45-7:45 pm

No Gi, Coach Julio and Coach Zach

Active Warm Up (10x each, both sides) –

  • Knee on belly
  • Knee on belly to reverse knee on belly
  • Knee on belly to reverse knee on belly to back step (over the head) then submission
  • Side control –> opponent shrimps out and moves to get the under hook –> surf around the body (keep pressure and do not allow distance) to the other side –>back to side control
  • mount to gift wrap to submission (arm bar or take the back to choke)

***Remember not to lock out posted leg when you have knee on belly. That leg should be bent (like a squat position) so that you can move forward and back as necessary. Keep your posture, back straight, and pressure directly into their belly. Your shin should be on your opponent’s stomach and your foot hooking the side.

Work on at home –

  • Samari walks, then add sitting down in between steps and getting up without using your hands, then step again

Rolling –

  • First Roll – allowed too much space during transitions; kept getting caught in half guard when passing; submitted opponent once
  • Second Roll – need to work on securing arm bar positioning from guard before attempting submission, I was still able to complete the arm bar but almost lost it due to having to make adjustments; we both started in standing position, need to work on take downs in real time; submitted opponent once

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