Jiu Jistu Journal – February 11th 2020

February 11th 2020, 6:40-7:30 pm

Gi, Coach Julio

Warm Up –

  • front and back rolls, kick outs, arm drags, shrimping, etc.

Drill: Butterfly Guard to Sweep –

  • sitting in front of opponent, butterfly guard
  • under hook to grab the belt behind opponent’s back
  • grip sleeve of opposite arm and pull across your body to the hip
  • keep the side of your head on their chest, close the distance
  • drop the knee to the floor (on the side of the sleeve grip)
  • fall to the side of the dropped knee and use the leg that is still hooking your opponent’s leg to lift them up and over; at the same time, get on the toes of your other foot to help balance and move your body to mount
  • keep contact and pressure on their chest the entire time

Rolling –

  • Only had time for 1 roll – rolled with Coach Julio for 3 minutes of getting my ass thrown around; concentrated on passing guard and forgot to address the hand that stayed on my lapel for the majority of the roll. Don’t forgot – ADDRESS WHAT IS STOPPING YOU FIRST (…it’s like Coach Sadiq hasn’t yelled this at us 100 times) >:l

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