Galentine’s Day <3

You love your lady friends. Your lady friends love mimosas and snacks. What do you do?

Host a Galentine’s Day brunch party, duh. Oh, and don’t forget to decide to throw a party just a week before you want to host it. It makes it even more fun!

I hosted my first ever Galentine’s Day brunch last Sunday to honor my lady friends and how awesome they are. As I’ve gotten older, I am cherishing my lady friends more. There really isn’t a bond like the one you can create with other moms and ladies who just get it.

It was a small shindig but we really did have a blast. I can’t wait to throw an even bigger mimosa worshiping get together next year. We had a mimosa bar, a waffle bar, candy, fruit, chips and salsa, and many more delicious snacks that disappeared faster than the bubbles from our champagne. The wee girls made beaded bracelets and chased each other around the yard while the ladies feasted, tried Polish vodka (that you can ONLY get in Chicago!!!), snapped photos in the photo booth, and played a card game that revealed more about some of our mothers than we would have liked to ever know.

I think Leslie Knope would be proud. #uterusesb4duderuses #hoesb4bros #ovariesb4brovaries


โค La Lady Valdez

ย  ย ย ย 

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