The Gardening Chronicles – March 27th 2020

Two weeks have passed since we planted our garden. Spring break is over but we are now in quarantine, which means we have a lot of extra time on our hands. So, I decided to expand our garden to four more pallets… the more the merrier right?

It started with potatoes. Our neighbor had half a bag of potatoes that were sprouting and asked if we wanted to throw them in our compost bin. Um, no thank you sir, I would like to throw them in the ground to grow more papas! I chopped them up and placed 8 of them in the ground. My fingers are crossed extra tight that the potatoes take because we are huge potato fans in this house.

If I have to add another pallet for potatoes, I might as well add a couple more right? So there I went, off to the garden center for more seeds and soil.

In the veggie garden I planted baby tomatoes (from seeds and a few cuttings from another neighbor), onions (from scraps and seeds), spinach (from seeds), bell pepper (from scraps), baby sweet peppers (from scraps), and aloe.

To add more to my self ensued madness, I started a small herb garden as well. I’d love to dry herbs for tea and to make my own bundles for burning. From seeds, I planted peppermint, basil, dill, sage, oregano, lavender, chamomile, cilantro, and rosemary. I did buy a few plants to get a head start though because I am impatient and want some fresh herbs at my disposal already.

From our first pallet, the only seeds that have sprouted are both of the lettuces. The kale has been thriving as well, I think I’ll be able to harvest the bottom leaves next week.

It’s something special to tend to a garden. I’m learning that fairly quickly now.

PS – I decided that if I am going to garden, I am going to make it creepy. I used our Halloween mini gates for decorative garden borders and wooden coffin cut outs for markers in the herb garden.

❤ La Lady Valdez

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