The Gardening Chronicles – April 4th 2020, we have plants y’all!

We have plants y’all!

Quick updates –

  • The spinach, tomatoes, and baby tomatoes are sprouting. I am worried that the spinach seeds may be planted too close together, so we’ll see how they grow.
  • The potatoes have erupted like crazy! I’ve added more compost and soil to their mounds. Once our homemade compost is ready in a couple of weeks, I’ll add to the mounds again.
  • The carrots and jalapenos are trying to sprout but I think they may be struggling. A few of the sprouts have withered away already. Stand by for updates, I may have to try different seeds???
  • The zucchini and squash are growing like little weeds! I am wondering if I will need to replant them to a space where they will have more room to expand.

Oh, and we decided to plant corn. This is the last new plant, I swear!

❤ La Lady Valdez

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