The Gardening Chronicles – April 11th, 2020

My little babies are growing. I am so proud of myself for successfully tending to a garden (so far).

I added a few cinder blocks to the edge of the garden to enclose the little patch of aloe that I planted. The mini white roses and marigolds give some color to the aloe bed. I am worried that the cinder blocks might retain too much heat, so we will see if the flowers survive. This will be an experiment!

You can kind of see the green bell pepper plants that I bought, a few rows from the roses. I had used seeds from a bell pepper that I used for dinner one night. I planted them when we started the garden! I dug up the seeds and they hadn’t even sprouted yet. They were just not wanting to grow. I had three little segments in the pallet of bell pepper seeds. I left one segment still planted just to give them more time and planted two small plants from the garden center in the other segments.

The little spinach sprouts are so effing cute, I can’t handle it. I love spinach and I am so excited for the day that I can just come out to the garden to harvest it for salads.

All of the herbs that I had bought from the garden center are acclimating well and the dill seeds have started sprouting. None of the other seeds have sprouted yet. I think next year I will start earlier and sprout the herbs in starter cups to give them more time before it gets warm outside.

I’ve been making fresh tea from the peppermint and chamomile leaves. Chamomile tea is usually made from the flowers but it is delicious when made the leaves too!

The two lettuce varieties (romaine and giant lettuce) and cucumbers are starting to grow with a swiftness! I think I may have planted them too close so I will probably end up thinning them out into planters.

The yellow squash seems to have stopped growing. It’s leaves are yellowing and I think it’s yelling SOS. I’m researching what could be going on and what I need to do to revive it. If you have an idea, holler at your girl.

I did have to relocate the zucchini because it was getting way too big for the small space it was in. I wonder if that’s why the squash is failing.. they were right next to each other. The zucchini seems to be enjoying all of the new room it has to stretch out now.

And please welcome our new guard dog to the garden! He doesn’t have a name yet. Suggestions?

I just want to grow luscious tomatoes but they do not want to participate. They are growing SOOOOO slow!

And one of greatest achievements – the potatoes. I think I am most excited for these potato babies to grow. I just want to eat potatoes forever.


ā¤ La Lady Valdez


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