Quarantine Jiu Jitsu Journal – April 14th 2020

April 14th 2020, 1 hour 30 minutes

No Gi at home

Warm Up:

  • no warm up today, went straight from working to the mats with the girls (need to warm up because cold muscles are no friend of mine!)

Technique: Β  (I’m writing this from memory & not looking at the video again, as if I had really gone to class. I’ll check it against the video later to see how well I remembered the technique.)

#1 – back take from single leg sweep

  • opponent is attempting single leg sweep while you are standing
  • push their head from the front of your thigh to the back and step around so that you are facing them
  • sit down next to them (chest facing opponent) with 1 leg folded under you and the other leg out.. your legs should look like a “Z”
  • staple their closest leg with your outside leg, then reach one arm around their thigh/butt and the other arm under their stomach, then lean back and pull them on to you, keeping your knees up
  • figure four their leg to secure it so that you can pull their leg away from you, push their butt away at the same time
  • keep the inside hook, use your outer leg to post so you can booty scoot out, then get to your side
  • get your seatbelt and take the back


  • Angel and I rolled two 4 minute rounds today. Taking a month off of training really gives your cardio a hit. I felt like my movement was pretty good, I was able to get my guard back, and I shimmied out of a few arm bars/triangles. Angel won’t cut me any slack so he really did kick my ass, but in a good way. I can always trust him to make me work.

It has been a month since I was in the gym. I didn’t realize how much jiu jistu helped my anxiety… being physically in the gym, training with my team, learning and meeting challenges every day.

It’s like therapy.

So here we are, doing jiu jitsu at home now. Quarantine jiu jitsu. Our coach started sending our team videos to work on at home so we can continue training. Luckily the girls have each other to practice with and Angel is willing to be my uke so I can keep training too.

❀ La Lady Valdez

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