Things I’m Thankful For During Quarantine

  1. I have gotten a real life look into the every day life of my dogs. They are much more lazy than I thought, except when a stranger walks by the house. Then all of a sudden they are beefed up guard dogs who will tear the flesh off your bones. Balance is important I guess?
  2. I’m enjoying this extra time with my kids. Even though they drive me fucking nuts sometimes and I have to hide in another room every once in a while, this really has been wonderful. So many more snuggles, giggles, “look what I made mom” being yelled across the room, and let’s not forget the home made jokes and trickery. I really do love my girls ā¤
  3. We’ve had the time to try every single reading nook in the house and we all have a favorite now. #hammocklyfe
  4. So. Much. Time. To. Paint.
  5. Sleeping in with my husband every morning is the bee’s knees. We really only sleep in until about 6 but still. It’s nice.
  6. I’m really glad that we had just bought the big pack of toilet paper because it was on sale before it magically disappeared from all the shelves at the store….
  7. A group chat with some of my favorite moms where we can talk about anything because we care.
  8. A group chat with friends where we check in on our workouts and daily water intake, celebrate each other with funny memes, and make sure our bad ass bitch crowns are on straight. #ninjabitches
  9. I love making lunch at home everyday instead of taking my lunch to work and heating it up in the microwave.
  10. GARDENING! This is my new favorite hobby that I plan to keep up for the rest of my life. Growing plants from seeds, nurturing them, and being able to harvest what I helped to grow is such a humble feeling.
  11. Not wearing a bra all day. This might be number one. I don’t know. It’s a tie between this and extra time with my kids.
  12. I’m really enjoying drinking fresh hot tea every day. Going outside to get herbs from the garden to make fresh tea makes me feel like the fanciest kitchen witch in all the land.
  13. Time to digest my thoughts and feelings. Life has been rough since August and I don’t think I’ve had time to just sit with my brain (and heart for that matter) to sort out everything jumbling around in there. The extra time at home has forced me to think about a lot of things I didn’t want to work through and even though it sucked balls, I’m thankful for it.
  14. We’re saving a lot of money by not having to fill up the cars with gas. I think I’ve filled up my tank once every two weeks or so.
  15. We’ve had time to work on the big yard projects that have been last on the to-do list. And thus, we’ve worked on our tans as well. Win-win.
  16. I’m thankful that for my job and the ability to work remotely. I’m thankful for the best administrators in the whole freakin’ world that encourage us to put our families first and who don’t hesitate to take care of their people. FIST BUMP Y’ALL, you know who you are.
  17. My kids are healthy. Husband is healthy. I’m healthy. I know better than to ever take that for granted, even before the big ‘rona came along. But I’m just extra thankful for it anyways.
  18. I’ve gotten better at texting back in a reasonable amount of time. Now my friends don’t yell at me as much.
  19. My alcohol tolerance has gotten better, we’ve been practicing at Club Deezy.
  20. Sonic drop offs by my beloved mother. She just randomly brings us cherry limeades for silly reasons and I love it.

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