The Gardening Chronicles – April 21st 2020

Quick garden update time!

My cute little grandpa neighbor next door gave me some of his cactus cuttings to replant. He has a beautiful garden in his back yard and has started giving me tips to help my little garden thrive. I’m pretty sure he is a wizard because his green onions are as wide as an Oreo. A FREAKING OREO! Anyways, I am now his padawan and I plan on learning all of his tricks.

I also painted a few terra cotta pots for the new plant babies and the little gremlin said that I was being inappropriate for painting boobies. Too bad kid, boobies are cool.

The little corn babies are growing so fast that I’m already planning an elote party. They really are thriving now that it is getting warmer outside.

My potato babies are getting huge! I added more dirt to their mounds today because they were starting to wane a wee bit. The kale and mint are BFFs, growing faster than I can harvest them. I’m going to dry a bunch of mint today and make kale chips for the girls.

I snapped a photo of the zucchini blossoms because they are just so pretty… and it means that we will have zucchini soon!


Have I mentioned yet that having an herb garden is the absolute best thing ever? I harvested mint, rosemary, basil, and white rose today. The smell of these herbs is just fantastic, way better than store bought. I am so surprised at how strong their scent is.

I’ll dry these herbs and put in my apothecary for later use. And yes, I am using fancy words like “apothecary” now because I have other things up my sleeve besides gardening now too!


โค La Lady Valdez

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