The Gardening Chronicles – April 27th 2020

Our garden is flourishing!

I was worried about the aloe because it started turning brown after a few days at home but the base is green now, yay! The mini sweet peppers that I had planted from seeds from kitchen scraps are breaking the surface. These are one of the girl’s most favorite veggies so they are stoked.

The bell pepper plants I had purchased from the garden center have acclimated very well. They’ve already grown a inch or so. Our spinach is doing great and I’ve been able to harvest it twice. Homegrown spinach tastes so much better than store bought! Or maybe it’s just because I grew it myself, who knows. We have more flowers on the zucchini plant which means lots of zucchini coming our way. The zucchini have grown tremendously in their new bed. I think next year I’ll plant them with a trellis so they can grow up instead of out.


The potatoes and corn are the biggest plants in our garden right now. I am so impressed with how quickly the corn is growing. I may have to do a post just to show the growth of the corn over the last few weeks, it’s just amazing. The potatoes are growing strong and sturdy, with thick bases. Our compost is almost ready so I will be able to make their mounds larger to give them more room to grow.

Look at that kale you guys! This is definitely a cut and grow again veggie. I trim the lowest and largest leaves when I harvest, leaving the rest to continue it’s growth. I add kale to salads, soups, and chili so being able to come outside to grab some whenever I need it has saved us some money.

The lettuce, cucumber, and yellow squash are growing quickly. I think I need to get a trellis or some stakes for the cucumber and yellow squash because they are both starting to grow out. I don’t want them overcrowding the veggies around them but it’s looks like it’s going to happen anyways. Next year we will definitely have more plants growing up than out!

The herbs are growing steadily but I just like to take photos of them because they are beautiful. Eat your heart out.


❤ La Lady Valdez

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