Quarantine Jiu Jitsu Journal – April 29th 2020

April 30th 2020, 1 hour 30 minutes

Gi at home

Warm Up:

  • shrimp out (backwards, down the mat on 1 side, then again on the other side)
  • shrimp out (forwards, down the mat on 1 side, then again on the other side)
  • shrimp out, post an arm (make sure it is to your side, not behind you), then scoot your butt to the posted arm
  • sit, post an arm, then scoot butt to posted arm, back and forth down the mat
  • bear crawl
  • forward rolls
  • backward rolls
  • samari walks

Technique: (I’m writing this from memory & not looking at the video from Coach Sadiq again, as if I had really gone to class. I’ll check it against the video later to see how well I remembered the technique.)

#1 – Failed idiot sweep to sweep

  • opponent is standing and you have pulled guard, with two hands gripping the right sleeve, feet should be near your opponent’s feet
  • move one hand to the same side lapel and pull the opponent down by their lapel, let go of the sleeve grip and put your hand on their right calf/pant leg
  • hook your feet behind your opponent’s ankles and pull them by their lapel again, to make them pull away
  • as they pull away, pick up one of their left leg with yours and move it out (spreading their legs)
  • if you attempt to idiot sweep them from here but it fails, pull them down by the lapel again and lean sideways to your right shoulder
  • at the same time, lift their left leg with your right leg (should already be hooked) to put them off balance
  • using your left leg, kick out their right leg to make them fall
  • get up and pass their guard


  • Angel and I rolled one around, not sure how much time we rolled. He ended up catching me in a really great shoulder lock and my little fingers started going numb. I’ll have him show me that move tomorrow. My goal is to kick his ass one day…




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