The Gardening Chronicles – May 10th 2020

The homemade compost was finally ready and I used it in the garden about a week ago, but I forgot to document it because I was way to freaking excited! I mean, I made my OWN compost for the garden. Real farmer talk y’all. It smelled sweet, which I wasn’t expecting, and it wasn’t sticky or weird. I don’t know what I was expecting actually. It was just  moist, hearty soil. So far the plants seem to be loving it. I put most it on the corn and potatoes since they are my biggest plant buddies.

Do you make your own compost? If so, what do you put in it? How do you tend it? I need answers! I only use kitchen scraps in ours, plus dirt and water to keep it moist. Tell me your composting secrets please.

I have a lot of photos of the garden to share today. Mostly just because it’s beautiful but also because we have a lot of plants that are either flowers or starting to produce fruits/veggies. Woooo!!!

The corn is growing taller by the day. This is the first thing the girls notice when they come outside with me in the mornings to water. I’m 100% sure that I plants the stalks too close together so next year I will do better at spacing them apart. I don’t really want to thin them out but I may have to. **insert whiny cry here**

I’m naming the aloe plants Frankenstein #1 and Frankenstein #2 because they have officially risen from the dead. Huzzah Aloe Friends!

The watermelon plants are viney and I love it. I need to look up how long it takes a watermelon to grow on a vine. How many watermelons grow on a vine actually? Time to research.

POTATO PLANTS ARE FUCKING HUGE! I can’t wait for them to die so I can harvest. Yes, you read that right. Potatoes are ready to harvest once the plants have died and are withering away. This is the only plant in my garden that I want to see die fairly soon.

Mini bell pepper sprouts are staying mini. I think it’s getting to hot for them. The green bell pepper plants are doing well but they aren’t starting any fruit yet. I added some compost to the base of each of the plants to hopefully give them a boost of nutrients.

I am so proud of how far the zucchini plants have come. I wasn’t sure if they would survive the transplant but they have flourished in their own space. We have about 4 little zucchini babies coming in which means it’s going to be taco night soon!

The baby tomato plants are loving this hot weather. They are growing like weeds! Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the beefsteak tomato plants. They are really on the struggle bus. Next year I will plant them in the raised beds instead of the pot to see if they do better there.


Do you see those sweet little strawberries coming in?? We harvested 3 the other day and they were TART! Delicious, but tart. This is the plant’s first season and I was reading that it takes a couple years for them to really reign in their flavor.

The little carrot babies are still trying to hold on. I think we may have one or two when they are ready to be harvested.

Who’s got yellow squash? We have yellow squash! The local bees have really been enjoying the garden lately but they tend to congregate at the yellow squash. It’s the cool place to be I guess.

The basil is bushy and growing strong. You don’t even have to put your face next to it to smell it’s fragrance.

The cucumber plants are flowering like crazy! I am so excited to finally have some home grown cucumbers. The girls love to have these as a snack so it will be cool for them to just come out to the garden to grab one when they are hungry.

I call these my salad plants because well, that’s what they are. If I want a salad, I come out to the garden for spinach, kale, and baby green.

And lastly, the herb garden. The dill is growing so quickly, which is exciting because I LOVE to cook with dried dill. I use it every week when I make homemade ranch. The cilantro and lavender are flowering beautifully. I have to resist harvesting all of the flowers to dry in the house.

Oh! Bonus time! I made my first smudge sticks with herbs from the garden. They came out pretty small so next time I will need to dry more herbs, but they smell delicious when they are burning. I used sage, lavender, and rosemary this time around.

Have you ever made your own sage bundles? What did you use? I need more ideas!


❀ La Lady Valdez

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