Jiu Jitsu Journal – May 15th 2020

May 15th 2020, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Gi, Coach Sadiq

No warm up today.


#1: De la riva guard to puppet guard to arm bar or omoplata

  • Your opponent is standing, you are on the ground using de la riva guard, with 1 hand on their pant leg and the other with a cross collar grip. The foot that doesn’t have the de la riva guard is on your opponent’s hip like a holster.
  • Move the “holstered” foot to their same side shoulder to keep them from bending down to you
  • Move the de la riva guard foot to their hip, then hip up to put pressure on their hip
  • Switch your grip from their pant leg to their sleeve, pull the sleeve down to your side to break their posture and move the leg from their hip to their back and pull down
  • As you pull them down, dig your heels into their back to keep them down
  • You can arm bar from here
  • OR you can booty scooty out to make them fall and get the omaplata (switch your hand grips so that the outside hand is gripping their trapped wrist and the inside hand grips the skirt to keep them from moving)

#2: De la rive guard to arm bar (( I’m not sure if I have the instruction correct on the second arm bar attempt outlined below, so I’ll need to check with Coach ))

  • You get the de la riva guard with the pant grip and cross collar grip, but your opponent kneels down to stop you from sweeping them
  • Move your pant grip to a sleeve grip
  • Pull the sleeve grip towards you and move the same side leg behind their arm and onto their back, while moving the other foot just past their shoulder. Connect your feet to make a diamond with your legs around your opponent. Your butt should be as close to their shoulder as possible and keep a tight grip on their arm to avoid them getting away.
  • You can arm bar from here
  • OR while keeping the grip and lock on your opponent’s shoulder, switch to your side so that you are facing their butt
  • Move your inside leg so that your knee is touching the ground and your shin is in their armpit, then figure four with the other leg to lock it
  • Grab their hand with your outside hand as if you are shaking it, make sure their thumb is facing up, then hip up to arm bar (if it doesn’t work, you may need to get closer to their shoulder with your butt)


  • This was our first day back in the gym after almost 3 months. I fully expected to get my ass handed to me and to be thrown around like a rag doll. Both ended up happening but I didn’t feel as winded as I thought I would. We have been lifting and working out at home, but no cardio so I was worried that I would only last a few rounds. I got four rounds in with the adults and then worked with 4 of the kids (3 of whom are my size). Coach said I did well, that I was strong and more technical, that I didn’t freak out or seem as winded (thanks Coach!). I do feel stronger than I did before while rolling, which is helpful because I am the smallest adult in our academy. I know, I know – jiu jitsu is made for the small individual but it helps immensely to have some muscles. I’m just glad to be back in the gym.

❤ La Lady Valdez

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