Jiu Jitsu Journal – May 19th 2020

May 19th 2020, 6:45 – 7:45 pm

Gi, Coach Sadiq

Today was an off day for me. I wasn’t feeling it. I was moody. That’s not a good mentality to train with. I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat enough today. I had a hard time paying attention. Poopy day.


We worked on finding the tipping point of our opponent when they are passing the guard. Where can you stop them mid-pass so that you can push them off balance or sweep them?

Coach said that if their head is over yours, then sweep them over you (example – butterfly guard to sweep them over your head). If they’re head is not over yours, you may be able to simply find a fulcrum and push them over (example – foot behind the ankle and push at the hips).

We worked on using your opponent’s arms while they are trying to pass your guard to sweep them. If they have both hands on your knees, hug their arms above their elbows and lay down to the side to make them fall. Or if they have both hands on your knees and get to the side of you, hug their arms above their elbows and dive your head between their legs to make them fall.

I am positive there was more detail to this information but I think I died after rolling and my brain is not on point right now. We’ll have to revisit this lesson.


I got three rolls in and then I died. An off mental day and no eating enough makes for shitty energy. I made mistakes, didn’t move how I should have, and wasted energy trying to muscle my way around larger opponents.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Post jiu jitsu hair is a new fashion statement.

❤ La Lady Valdez

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