Jiu Jitsu Journal – May 26th 2020

May 26th 2020, 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

Gi, Coach Sadiq

Warm Up:

– from closed guard = arm bar to triangle to omaplata, then back to triangle to arm bar (repeattttttt)


#1: Newspaper Armbar

  • You have your opponent in open guard
  • Move your left foot to their same side hip
  • Grip the right sleeve with your left hand; at the same time, hip out to your left and pull the arm to your right arm pit, then hip back
  • Trap their arm with your right armpit and grab behind their arm, just above the elbow (their arm should be locked in place); move your other foot to their hip
  • Squeeze your knees together and hip up to arm bar

#2: Violin Armbar

  • You have your opponent in open guard
  • Put your left foot on their hip
  • Double grip the left sleeve (one hand on the wrist and the other on the forearm), hip out, and pull the arm to your chest; then hip right back to where you were
  • The hand on the wrist should be pulling and the hand on the forearm should be pushing your opponent’s arm against your left leg
  • Hip up and cross your right left over their neck to rest your ankle on their clavicle
  • Lift your other leg up and rest your ankle on your other foot
  • Hip up to arm bar


  • 2 rolls from hell ( My cardio fucking sucks and I’m over it. Going back to cardio workouts tomorrow because I’m done dying in class. )
  • 2 rolls with kids


Sometimes I feel like I roll with my eyes closed. Do you ever do that? Or maybe it just feels like my eyes are closed because I’m trying not to die?

❀ La Lady Valdez

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