Jiu Jitsu Journal – May 28th 2020

May 28th 2020, 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm

Gi, Coach Sadiq

No warm up today. We reviewed techniques from the week by flow rolling and trying to incorporate what we learned.

Yesterday we learned the matrix guard but I left class early due to a migraine. I’m struggling to remember this technique and I think I’m mixing it up with the guard/sweep we learned on Tuesday. I had Coach show it to me again today but I’m still not sure if it’s sticking in my brain. I’ll need to review this a few more times. Do you have any tried and true memorization techniques to help with jiu jitsu?

We rolled a few 3 minute rounds today.

  • 3 rounds with the kids today ( there were only 3 adults besides myself in class today and 7 kids, so we got a lot flow rolls with the babies )
  • I rolled with one of our black belts. I need to remember not to get so high when I am taking the back. I get thrown off every time. Today he threw me off but I was able to catch the arm to get to an arm bar. I should practice that more so that if I do get thrown off, at least I can try to seamlessly get the arm bar like it was I meant to do LOL
  • I rolled with another teammate and just tried to stay on top with chest pressure, and to get out of his half guard. I was able to maintain side control but I could not get my foot out, it was like his legs were the jaws of life.

I had a cardio workout this morning and then biceps/shoulders/abs with the Spousal Unit in the afternoon, then jiu jitsu in the evening. I am exhausted but I feel good. I need to stay consistent with the added cardio workouts. Maybe not everyday but at least a few times a week. How often do you do cardio when you’re training jiu jitsu regularly?

❤ La Lady Valdez

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