The Gardening Chronicles – May 30th 2020

Today is going to be a momentous occasion.

Or at least it was supposed to be.

Today is the day that I harvested our first potato plant. I chose to pull up the smallest plant first. It’s beautiful green leaves had died and were withering away from the heat, which from what I read, indicated that the papas are ready to be pulled from their home. I grabbed my bowl and my tiny hand shovel, excited to see what we had waiting for us under the ground. I set to work carefully pulling up the dried stems of the potato plant only to find the teeniest potatoes attached to the roots.

A thousand questions ran through my head. Did I not water the plants enough? Did the soil not have enough nutrients to provide sufficient sustenance for the plant? Was the mound too small for the potatoes to grow to their full potential? Did I harvest too soon?

The first photo below is the potato plant before I pulled it from the ground (except for 1 stem because I stopped myself so I could take a before photo!). The stems were not longer able to stand upright and have been laying on the ground for the past week or so. The second photo is of the other 3 potato plots. I am going to leave those in the ground for a while longer. It looks like they still have some more withering away to do!

I believe that a mix of things attributed to our beautiful yet small yield of potatoes from the first plant. The ground was shallow and met with clay at the bottom, which would probably have been too hard for the roots to get through. The mound, though I kept adding to it throughout the plant’s growth, was relatively small compared to it’s sisters in the plots next to it. I am confident in the soil though. It was watered regularly, received Epsom salt tea, and I added homemade compost. I think the real issue was space. She just didn’t have enough room to grow her babies. I am interested to see what the other 3 plants have to yield compared to this one. I will report on them soon, as they are still green and growing right now.

On a lighter note, our baby tomato plant is growing like crazy and it is starting to produce tiny fruit. I am hoping that we will be able to harvest a lot of tomatoes because they are one of the girl’s favorite snack.

We’ve also had some changes in the corn stalks. The tassels have started to come in on some of the plants, which means that the plant will begin to pollinate and then the corn will grow. Woooo!

❀ La Lady Valdez

2 thoughts on “The Gardening Chronicles – May 30th 2020

  1. Good work there farmer K. You are right about the potato plant. A foot or more of good soil that drains well would help the babies grow. Clay is not good for growing. Tomato and corn plants look great. It might help too if you have some bib overalls to wear when farming. Gotta have the look!!!! Grandpa ❀️

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    1. Thank you Grandpa! I will work on getting those overalls, that sounds like solid farming advice. The corn is starting to yellow on the ends, I think I need it’s getting too hot 😦 Any tips to share?

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