The Gardening Chronicles – June 1st 2020

The bell pepper plants are getting TALL but we don’t have any babies on them yet. I need to do some more research on bell pepper plants because they’re just kind of hanging out right now and I don’t really know what to expect from them. The baby sweet peppers next to them are still small but the leaves look green and healthy. Making a mental note to research those too.

RIP to our spinach plants. They all died. They were getting eaten by something and then it was as if all of the moisture was sucked out of them over night. I’m heartbroken because I really enjoyed coming out here once a week to get fresh spinach for salads.

The squash and zucchini have been producing so much for us. I absolutely love it. We’re getting about 1-2 of each a week which is perfect because I can make tacos with 1 of each vegetable, then use the others for chili or added to recipes for some extra heartiness.

AND WE FINALLY HAVE OUR FIRST CUCUMBER (it’s the light green veggie in the 3rd photo below).

The baby tomatoes, corn, kale, and cucumbers are doing great. I’m able to trim back the kale every week or so, and the girls like to use it to make kale chips. The giant lettuce isn’t so giant, but it’s still chuggin’ along. I haven’t harvested any of it yet because I’d like it to grow a wee bit bigger first.

The potato plants are steadily withering away. I think I will harvest the rest of the plants sometime this week. Wish me luck, I am hoping we’ll have healthier potatoes from the larger plants than we did from the small plant that I harvested the other day.

Β Β 

Okay, I need some assistance here. This guy is growing in the watermelon patch. I have no idea what it is because I had planted watermelon seeds where it is growing, but it doesn’t look like the other watermelon plants. It’s growing up but not out, and the leaves are getting longer but not necessary wider.Β  Any ideas on what it could be?

The herbs are still my favorite part of the garden. The mint and sage are finally filling out more, they are getting more bushy and the leaves are growing larger. The oregano is stretching it’s vines out and smells amazing after it’s watered in the morning. Our basil plant is growing taller and flowers again. I think I’ll make pesto soon!

My favorite herb in the garden is the dill. It is growing so quickly that I am pruning it about once a week. I dry the dill to save for later because I use it every week to make homemade ranch. I think next growing season I’ll plant more than we did this year since we use it so often.

Β  Β Β Β 

Here’s the harvest from today – kale, dill, lavender, sage, and oregano. I’ll dry the herbs for cooking and make a burning bundle out of the sage and lavender. The kale will be thrown into the air fryer to make chips for the girls.


❀ La Lady Valdez

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