The Gardening Chronicles – June 3rd 2020

Here’s a quick potato update!

It’s only been a few of days since I pulled the first potato plant but I decided to pull the second batch of potatoes today because another one of the plots looks to be pretty dried up. This plant yielded more than the first did! Success!

These potatoes are about 1 to 2 1/2 inches long and they’re actually fairly heavy for their size. I’m curing them in a partΒ  of the kitchen that doesn’t get too much sunlight, so they will be ready to eat in about 10 days. I’ll update more on their flavor once it’s time to try them.

We have two more potato plants to harvest, but as you can see in the photo below, they are still fairly green. The stems have been laying on the ground, which means that their time is coming soon.

Have you ever grown potatoes? What has your experience been with harvesting? What do you look for to know that they are ready?

Side note – the cilantro plant has flowered and has begun to seed! I collected a few of the seeds today to dry for planting next year. I learned that the seeds of the cilantro plant are actually called coriander.. the spice. Who knew?! I love learning more about my garden as I go. I think next year we will much more successful.


❀ La Lady Valdez

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