The Gardening Chronicles – June 7th 2020

Today was a big gardening day.

I pulled the rest of the potato plants and was pleasantly surprised to see how many we had. They were still small but there was a fair yield. I will definitely be planting potatoes again next year in larger and deeper beds so that they have more space to grow.

We also harvested a zucchini and yellow squash today, yum!




This was the first potato yield from the smallest plant that we had. All of the potatoes were planted in mid-March from sprouted potatoes.







This is the second yield from a single potato plant. This plant was the largest out of the potato plants.






This is the yield from today. I harvested the last two potato plants that we had waiting. These two plants seemed to have grown the largest potatoes however they weren’t the biggest stems from the group. I am interested to see what happens next growing season when they are seeded in a larger growing area.




The cilantro plant is drying quickly so I was able to harvest more coriander today. These will dry on the windowsill for about a week or so, then be put away for next growing season.

I am forever researching ways that I can make my garden more successful and to see what I can learn about growing your own food. I came across a YouTube video today (posted below) about the benefits of pruning zucchini and squash plants. He states that it is supposed to help with air flow, pollinating, and decrease blossom rot. I pruned all 4 of the plants by about 30% – 40% so hopefully this will help them grow! I’ll post an update in a week or so.

❀ La Lady Valdez

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