Gremlin Room Makeover – Wingardium LevioSAAAAA!

Eldest Gremlin requested a Harry Potter BLANKET for her birthday. A blanket. And some books about World War II. But that was it.

She’s going to be 10 and all she wanted was a freakin’ blanket and books. She’s a peach.

But we couldn’t just give her a blanket for her birthday. No, that wouldn’t do. She’s going into the double digits now. The big 1-0. That calls for something special. So instead of a Harry Potter blanket, we gave her a Harry Potter themed room.

Now that would do just fine.


There were a few things in her room already that gave us that old castle vibe we were looking for –

  • my great grandmother’s mirrors, paintings, and perfume collection
  • the walls were already painted a deep, royal blue
  • wooden bookshelves that we had installed in her room last year
  • her collection of Harry Potter books, wands, and Legos

I also commandeered some items from around the house to add little details –

  • 3 black wall sconces
  • old jars and spice containers
  • small gold hanging mirror

Here’s a list of what we purchased (and grandparents gifted) to really make the Harry Potter theme legit –

  • Harry Potter Quilt & Shams from Amazon
  • Harry Potter House Banners from Amazon
  • Harry Potter Body Pillow Cover from Amazon
  • Gryfindor Blanket from Amazon
  • Red Hogwards Throw Pillow from Amazon
  • Black Harry’s Glasses Pillow from Target
  • Wooden Clothes Rack found at the Goodwill (for a $1, wooo!)
  • “Wicked Potions” sign from the Target Dollar Spot
  • “Salem Brooms” sign from the Target Dollar Spot

And then to fill in some blank space on the wall, I painted the Deathly Hallows symbol on the wall. I learned after 4 tries that I do not have a talent for drawing large circles freehand. I wish I had used a hula hoop or something to help with the outline but I was on a stubborn mission to freehand it.


I kicked Eldest Gremlin out of her room for a couple hours so that I could put everything together and bribed Tiny Gremlin to be the guardian keeping her from sneaking a peak.

When all was finished and revealed, the light in her eyes sparkled so bright when she saw her fancy new room and I think she bruised one of my ribs from the tight hugs she gave me. It feels good to be able to give her more than what she expected, especially since she asked for so little to begin with.

Here’s to Eldest Gremlin’s 10th year around the sun – cheers!

โค La Lady Valdez

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