Jiu Jitsu Journal – September 23rd 2020

September 23rd, 2020

Gi, Coach Sadiq


#1 – Pass the guard from combat base, knee slide

  • you are in combat base, with your right knee between your opponent’s legs; your right hand is gripping your opponent’s lower lapel and your left hand is on their left knee; your opponent is gripping your sleeve and lapel
  • shuffle to your left, putting your right knee on your opponent’s thigh; they’re right foot should be on your left thigh, trying to keep you at a distance
  • to get their foot off of your thigh, put pressure on their left thigh with your knee (this forces them to move their foot) and then step over their foot/leg; if it doesn’t move their foot, open your hip to move your leg slightly back, then step over their foot/leg
  • at the same time, grip their other lapel and pull yourself in to side control

#2 – Pass De La Riva guard

  • your opponent has De La Riva guard, with a grip on your pant and your lapel, and a foot on your hip
  • “C” grip the ankle that is on your hip, thrust your hips forward then back to push their foot between your legs
  • shuffle to your right to move your opponent’s legs and hips to the side
  • put immediate chest pressure on your opponent’s butt/hips with your stomach/chest; grip behind their right shoulder with your left hand and grip their left lapel with your right hand, pull yourself in
  • point the toes on your right foot and windshield wipe it to get it up and over your opponent’s leg
  • while maintaining chest pressure, switch your hips slightly so that you can use your right knee to push your opponent’s knees out of the way, then back step your left leg over your opponent’s and get to side control

Tonight was a good vibe night. I felt good on the mat again. I haven’t felt that way in a while.

I helped coach some of the littles who stayed for the adult class, including my own little gremlin. The techniques seem to have stuck better in my brain after having to learn it and then be able to teach it right away. I actually enjoyed teaching little gremlins a new technique and then seeing their smiles when they did it successfully.

I was able to get a couple rolls in, which has been difficult lately because of time. Has anyone figured out how to make time stand still for an hour or two? Or are scientists still working on that? Anyways, both rolls kicked my ass but I felt like a did pretty well. I need to work on getting out of side control; that is going to be the death of me one day. I did do a cool walk over pass (not sure if that’s a thing), through a spider guard and got to mount.

One of my #matmoms took a few photos of me because I never get to see what I look like while I practice jiu jistu.. I’m usually taking photos of everyone else.

I regret my decision to ask her to take photos (but really, I appreciate you Mayra! Thank you for helping!). I look like an awkward Olive Oil flailing my body around. I am NOT one of those girls that looks badass while doing jiu jitsu.

My jiu jitsu is weird but it is MY jiu jitsu. Here are some photos for your entertainment.


Until next time hobos…

❀ La Lady Valdez

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