Jiu Jitsu Journal – December 9th 2020

Ohhhh it’s been awhile, since I’ve been gone… That’s not how that song goes but we’re making it our own okay? Is that song stuck in your head now?

I HAVE been going to jiu jitsu the last few months but I’m going to be honest, I forgot about my blog for awhile. Life got crazy and let’s just say that we’re lucky that I even kept going. Work, kids, life ya know?

FYI, if you’re new here – I go to class, I write notes while Professor is teaching because it helps me learn, then I come home and write what I learned in my blog (but with more detail, or as much as my memory will regurgitate). This process helps me remember what I’ve learned. I mean, I used to write my notes in school 2-3 times when I got home just so I could better commit the material to memory.

This past Wednesday we worked on guard passing in the gi during adult class with Professor Sadiq. I enjoy when we get back to basics because it reinforces the fundamentals needed to make one’s jiu jitsu game strong. And I’m not the best guard passer, so I always benefit from these lessons.

The pass we were working on begins from standing, with your opponent on their ass and sitting up.

  • Push your opponent back and step in between their legs with one foot; grab their collar with your hand that is opposite of the leg that you are going to pass (same side hand, same side collar.. I think).
  • Cut your knee over their thigh on the side that you are going to pass and step over the same leg with your other leg. Your legs should be in combat base (with one leg inside of their legs and the other on the outside of the leg you are passing).
  • Grip the pant of the leg that your knee is covering (this is to help you push the leg down as you pass).
  • To pass, move your grip from the collar to their skirt; then knee slide while using chest pressure and pull yourself to side control.

We also learned how to move from a de la Riva guard to kneeling berimbolo to a back take… I need clarification on this move I think, because I’m not sure what I wrote down makes sense.

Ohhh Professorrrrrr **raises hand**

  • You are on your back with de la Riva guard and in this instance, your opponent is in combat base. Your grips are on the same side pant and collar.
  • Move your butt closer to the leg that you have in your guard so that you can achieve a deeper de la Riva (you can step on the thigh of their opposite leg with your free foot to help you move your booty!).
  • Bring your knees to you chest to pull them into you, then roll and extend them to the side (the side that you have the de la Riva).
  • As they are falling, all at once and in a continuous motion – roll onto your shoulders, grab their skirt to keep them pulled into you, use your legs to guide their legs as your roll so that they fall with their back to you… proceed with the choking mechanism

So there ya go, just another Wednesday learning how to walk past people while they sit in front of you…

❀ La Lady Valdez

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