Blank slate of mind

It’s day five. My mind is blank.

5 days in on my “post a day” project and I’ve already hit a wall of writer’s block.

So here is a photo of a project that the girls and I completed over the summer because I have nothing better to write about tonight.

The idea was running around Pinterest so we decided to try it on the sidewalks in our cul de sac.

You use painter’s tape to create a mosaic outline on the ground, then color in the shapes with chalk. To make the color brighter, we rubbed the chalk into the ground really hard to make dust, then used our fingers to rub the dust into the cement. This worked wonders because it rained the next day and all of the other chalk drawings washed away except for our mosaic piece. The mosaic staying on the sidewalk for a couple weeks actually, we were presently surprised.

We had a plan to do it on the entire sidewalk of the cul de sac but the single square took us a few hours. Maybe this summer we will try it again and get all of the neighborhood kids involved.

Have you tried any chalk art recently? It’s actually pretty fun to get back to an old childhood hobby like this.

❀ La Lady Valdez

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