Jiu Jitsu Journal – February 11th 2021

Guard retention, guard retention, guard retention. Maybe if I say it enough times it will just be drilled into my brain. Maybe?

We worked on guard retention from the side, while using Z guard, with your opponent’s chest on your legs trying to pass.

  • post your outside arm, lean into your opponent and put your other hand on their shoulder, with your forearm against the side of their face to block them from turning into you
  • put your weight on your posted arm and move your butt in the direction your knees are pointing, and sit up so that you are facing your opponent
  • put both feet on their hips and get your grips (ex: collar/sleeve)
  • ta-da, you have your guard back

Next up, “trading places” – I think Coach said that this is a wrestling term. We have two ways to dance this little dancy dance.

You have just tried to elude your opponent with a hip escape but they are coming at you like angry lightning with grips to pull you in.

#1 – Your opponent has their hips close to your chest or face. Post on your elbow then with the other hand, reach around their waist to grab their belt or skirt. Get to your knees to move your body next to theirs so you are sitting next to them. You can staple your leg that is closest to their body over their leg, then get heavy to push them sideways and crawl to mount.

#2 – Your opponent has their hips close to your stomach or hips. Touch their hip that is closest to you to make them think you’re trying to push them towards your head. Then bring that arm right back inside between you and your opponent, and act like you are going to get up. This forces them to push into you. Immediately lay back down and turn. The momentum will make them fall into you and then over you, so that you end up in side control.

Fun facts of the night from Coach –

  • If your guard is in an “L” shape or at a 90 degree angle, you’re guard is going to get passed.
  • Keeping your hips up by moving your knees towards your face and getting your butt off the ground allows you to move faster and retain your guard more easily
  • If you just keep hip escaping, they will just keep following you until you can’t hip escape any more. Get your guard back.

❀ La Lady Valdez

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